Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we have some last minute ideas for a something lovely to let your Mum know just how lovely you think she is!

We celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, and here in the US, there is no real ‘one way’ to celebrate. Some choose breakfast in bed, some children make a handmade card or gift, some buy their mum that special something she’s had her eye on, anything goes as long as you let Mama know just how much you care!

Illustration//Rachelle Anne Miller

Illustration//Rachelle Anne Miller

Iceland is a place of gender equality, where women are not only treated equally, but respected and strong of both body and mind. Iceland has long since been a champion of women and equality between the genders, this strength perhaps developed from Viking ancestry, where men would leave for months, even years, journeying across the world, and women were the backbone, women stayed and raised the generations, kept the nation running, and continued to show their many, many strengths.

In the present day, Iceland has the highest percentage of mothers not in a partnership who are also in the workforce. In many other countries, a high divorce rate combined with many mothers working outside the home is a recipe for disaster, however, in Iceland, it appears to be a recipe for happiness, health and prosperity.

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Everyone knows that the best way we can show our appreciation to our mothers is just through everyday love, but why not give her a little gift as well;) everybody loves presents! :P

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There’s always a go to gift for what to get your father on his birthday or for Father’s day, or for any other occasion where you just cant think of a gift; maybe a tie, perhaps something sporty, with mother’s there’s an easy go to as well. Perhaps it isn’t the absolute most original idea, it might be the go-to; but anything that smells good seems to be a foolproof option for bringing a smile to your Mum’s face!

Our first picks are the fragrances named for Icelandic volcanoes Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull by Gydja. Hekla is an eau de parfum, featuring a fresh, feminine scent with undertones of sweet vanilla and foresty musk. Eyjafjallajökull is more spicy and energetic, with hints of citrus, bergamot, roses and vanilla. Crafted in the Grasse region of France from ingredients imported from Iceland.

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Our second pick is definitely not your typical go-to for any gift, but is an interesting and unique way to commemorate something special, like just how much you love and appreciate everything your Mum has done for you! J It is possible to name and register a star in the International Star Registry for your Mom. You can choose between certificates, photographic sky charts and other maps, showing the actual star in our skies that will forever be known as the name it was given for your mother!

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Our third and fourth picks are the breezy Georgia dress from Helicopter, made of flowing chiffon printed with beautiful blues and greens making up a pattern inspired by Icelandic nature, and the Hera Argo vest by Mundi, with delicate petal tones and floral images. The perfect additions to a cool Springtime Mother’s day for a Mum who loves comfort and being unique! Both on sale at LastaShop!


If you’d rather make something for your mother yourself or prefer not to buy a typical gift, why not try one of these 16 homemade sugar scrubs.



If bath products are not her cup of tea, a homemade craft necklace like this one is adorable and heartfelt.



If she prefers a little sparkle and shine, the beautiful and intricate jewelry of Aurum is always a failsafe. Inspired by the beauty of Icelandic nature and creatures, these stunningly crafted pieces available at LastaShop are timeless and classic, and a lovely way to give your mum a little token of your love and appreciation!




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