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Trend report part 1…


Mid-May and temperatures are rising! It may not *quite* be Summer just yet but we’re certainly feeling it’s fast approach. Whether you’re seeing the sunset as the warm LA Spring turns into an even warmer Summer, or watching it slowly never set in Iceland, there is no doubt that Summer will soon be upon us!

One of our favourite things to do as the seasons change is see how fashion will change with them of course! While seasons mean changing fashion and clothing due to the fluctuation in climate and temperature, the change in style and the tone of fashion is all about emotion, expression and just how the rising temperature makes you feel.



Especially after a long winter, we reemerge in Spring with our pastels and florals, gently and delicately moving from dark to light, heavy to light and from neutral to bright, just as temperatures rise, the intensity and saturation of our use of colour does too. And while yes, we’re still feeling Springtime breezes in our pastel florals, we’re daydreaming of the emboldened prints and exciting colours that express our love for Summer and all of the amazing things that come along with it!Whether it’s the vitamin D, longer days full of light and warm temperatures and sunny skies, the lure of the ocean, or the sounds and energy of your favourite performer at a Music Festival, there is just something about the Summertime that can really have us just wanting to shout from the rooftops!



The change in energy in fashion through these seasons is an incredible and vibrant transformation to watch. From the classic silhouettes, protective fabrications, and deep, dark somber colours of wintertime, to the gentle addition of subtle colour and print through spring, to the bright and bold statements of summer fabrics, colours, cuts and prints, we watch our fashion and style transform and evolve just as the Earth changes through her seasons.

As I mentioned earlier, we grow and evolve as the seasons do, and our inclinations with regards to fashion fluctuate often and are influenced by many things. The length and strength of the Winter has us eager and restless to reemerge and show ourselves, the colours of nature and the energy that changes as new life comes forth influences our thoughts even if we are not aware of it.

As clothing has become one of the best ways to express ourselves to the world and to show others who it is that we are, we are drawn towards making a statement through it. This Summer, it looks as if we’re all going to want to be saying “Hello World! Here I am!” And it also looks as if we’re going to want to say it with a plethora of bright, vibrant and unique colour combinations, bold patterns paired with bold accents and colours, and perhaps even additional statement pieces on top of that!

Here in NYC, Summer shows itself in Springtime quite quickly, and this concrete jungle does not make for the most breezy or shady escape, so we’ve learned to adapt through our clothing. Walking down the streets of New York City, there are hundreds upon hundreds of styles right in front of you, an endless amount of diversity in any block. But as I explored a bit more, there were a few common threads that stood out as the staples and go-tos for building a style and summer wardrobe while managing to survive the heat!


But what do we go to when it’s just too hot? Shorts! Of course!

No mystery here, when it’s hot, we wear less clothing, it just makes sense.

But as we take away fabric we’re taking away opportunities to always make a statement with your look and style, even through simplicity. So the first addition to our trend staples has to make the most of the smaller amounts of material we will inevitably be wearing. Especially when we want to make an even bolder statement than we have before with our style this summer!

So, what’s the best way to make what fabric we do have work for us and make that bold statement? Bright, eye-catching colours and bold patterns of course! .

Blogger Aimee Song // Song of Style

From the runway at fashion week to celebrity street style, the printed short is the way to make your statement last through the summer heat.

Isabel Marant Runway

Which is why there is perhaps no better fit for bold, comfortable, cool(temperature wise), striking and fun than the incredible prints and colours used by Icelandic designer Rakel Blom. The ‘America’ prints used in her clothing are an incredible blend of colours and patterns, bold enough to make a statement, fusing prints and shapes together in beautiful organized chaos; its the perfect echo of how we’ve been feeling this winter, ready to break out and show the world how we shine!

Rakel Blom

With this heat showing itself before Summer has even properly reached us, our eyes go straight to the shorts!

Check them out at!

Both the North and South America prints make different statements, while still being bold and showing great summer energy, truly the perfect addition to embrace the warmth and sunlight of the new season and use it to show the world who you are!

Check back soon for our next Summer staple!


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