Summer Trends. Pt.2

It may seem completely far-fetched, the idea that we can predict how people will be dressing based on more than just a change in temperature and the forces of nature. That these predictions don’t come from developments on previous trends or omnipresent themes within a past season, or that we would be able to pick up on how ideas, feelings, intellectual movements, current events and the state of the world as is it progresses through time will influence fashion, and the direction of contemporary design. Or even that we could tell from a cultural environment, source of inspiration, musical influence, or path of personal development, what silhouettes, colours, prints, fabrications and main themes will appear in the creations and fashion that designers will be producing in the future. But it’s true.


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Being able to pick up on these things comes from the study of a cultural climate and the people who live within it, not from a methodical overview catalogued of the tone and themes of previous seasons. Fashion is and has always been, a way that human beings have communicated with one another since cloth could be woven, and as such, changes in fashion are indicative of changes in culture.

 In this day and age, more so than ever with the vast new world of ‘interaction’ social media has created, personal expression and opinion have become paramount, and a central theme within contemporary culture. Its the dawning of a new age. A new era of freedom. We’ve been progressing steadily and successfully for as long as we’ve existed, all the while improving our attitude towards the unknown and unfamiliar. Especially in the last 10 years, the weird, unconventional, and off beat have ceased to be as such, and are moving towards becoming normal. We as a collective society are not so reluctant to embrace things that we are unfamiliar with, we are learning to love them and realize their inherent value in our lives. We all want to be different now, we are striving to break convention and be unique and true to ourselves. Pink hair on a 7 year old is not far off what someone regular might see. We are embracing art, and freedom and expression. And moving forward we will all want to become something set entirely aside from the rest, bringing unique with us wherever we go and to whoever we see. This expression will manifest itself in fashion, as it always has, as an omnipresent method of reminding the world that we dont see the same as everyone else does.

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But just how does this manifest itself in fashion you might ask? Not how you might expect. Bright colours and bold patterns will always be a way to illustrate expressive emotion and a strong presence, but this isn’t the obvious way people are choosing to make their personal statement. These free thinkers are using their new found expressive voice to begin to ‘create’ their clothing much more thoughtfully, they are embracing their inner creativity and showing it through their clothing.

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Clothing being created by designers is less detailed, less structured, and less consistently fabricated than before. The simplicity of garments that are being produced are the base foundations for these newly expressive individuals to build something that is their own and truly unique.

Silhouettes are no longer filled with darts or style lines that dictate: “this is the only way to wear this” we see fluid lines through fabrication, long sweeping outer garments paired with short cropped under features that allow for endless combinations and reinventions. What was once a dress with a matching belt has become a bralette, a skirt, and a piece of outerwear that adds a dynamic element of length, adding additional details and opportunities for personal creativity. Layers, layers, layers!!

Staples like the Kali Chanté biker top, the Ziska Apollo pants and the Absence of Colour Alexandra jacket all provide frameworks or bases for you to employ your creativity with. Since we can’t all sew everything we wear, we have to utilise the foundations that have been created by others. Atypical or nonexistent closures; ties, ribbons, tucks and folds, have replaces zippers, buttons and snaps in order to allow for even more versatility with one piece.

Alexandra jacket


Not simply this, but with more creativity comes more experimentation, and with more experimentation comes more confidence. Women today are not concerned with being what is considered typically pretty, nor do they wish to wear what has historically been labeled as such. We are becoming more adventurous with our clothing choices, and moving towards more ‘risky’ and less ‘pretty’ shapes such as midi skirts. A length that can be daunting, as it can go south pretty easily.  But here at Lasta we love this unconventional length. Check out the Rosa skirt by Lasta and the wood print maxi by Mundi. Looks like women are letting go of the fear and even embracing the ‘not pretty’ and seeing it as a chance to stand out even more!



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