-Midnight Sun-

We’ve been on the edge of our seats for almost a year now waiting for the return of Secret Solstice Festival! Next week, from the 19th-21st, 72 hours of sun at Laugardalur in Reykjavik! 

Image // Secret Solstice

72 hours beneath the ever present Icelandic sunshine at Secret Solstice is truly an experience like no other. From the extensive and diversified list of performing artists, to the energy of the crowd and music, to the vibrant festival goers from all over the world, there is nothing quite like the feeling that comes from standing beneath the summer sun, hearing the sounds of your favourite artist, surrounded by your best friends! 
Of course here at Lasta, we’re just as excited for the fantastic festival fashions we’ll see, and love having the chance to really break free with our style, and embrace our inner flower child! Here’s what we’ll be bringing for our festival adventure! 
One of our favourite designers here at Lasta never fails to bring the perfect unique style and striking designs for the energy of a music festival. All things Kali are right at home amongst the music, the sunshine, and the vibrance of Icelandic style.  Some of our favourite pieces are the bright and bold Crucifix Kimono and the liquid gold harem pants.
And of course, the aptly named ‘Festival’ bellbottoms. Comfortable, yet eye catching and beautiful!
We also love the Fjolnir sweatpants, perfect combination of comfort, and a little warmth, an absolute must if you want to actually enjoy those 72 hours of sunlight, and a graphic and modern edge.
 The second pick on our list is the statement making ‘All That Glitters’ bomber jacket from Helicopter. We’ll be shining brighter than that midnight sun in this unique and bold piece!
Tv crfvrvtfAnd to keep your mind on the music instead of keeping track of every little thing you brought with you, a bag with some room that you can keep on you at all times without having to give it one ounce of thought. Our pick is this leather holo backpack from American Apparel 
That sunlight will have you shining rainbows with this bag in tow, perfect to add some constant subtle colour to your look!

Image // Feldur Workshop

 While the sun won’t be setting before the summer fades,  sitting just below the Arctic Circle, it is still Iceland, and it will probably be a bit chilly sometimes :P So we’re bringing along our hats from Feldur Workshop just incase! 
We’ll be soaking up that extra Vitamin D, but also making sure that our skin won’t suffer at the hands of those constant rays. We’re bringing along our DiorSnow skincare products, to not only protect us from harmful UV A and UV B rays, but to brighten and refresh our complexions with the help of the addition of Icelandic Glacial water to the formula. The exceptional purity and optimal biological properties of Icelandic water, straight from the source is probably just about as close to a fountain of youth that we can hope for!!
 And of course another way to not only protect from the sun, but make your fearless festival fashion statement is with a bold and fun pair of sunglasses. Our pick for Secret Solstice are these fantastic florals from Gasoline Glamour
And last but CERTAINLY not least, is a good, sturdy pair of shoes! Anyone who has gone to a music festival knows that a pair of unhappy feet can absolutely and completely ruin your time, so with that, we’ve chosen comfy, weather resistant and FUN!
 Available from UNIF
We can’t wait to see what fashions secret solstice brings, come visit us next week at Lasta Shop, right across from the main stage at the festival!  


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