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Just because it’s Summer doesn’t mean that all black isn’t still a foolproof choice for the ultimate in chicness! For those of us who open our closets and don’t see much else other than black, higher temperatures and an ever-present sun don’t mean we’ll have to change our stride with the seasons! And for those of us braving colder Summer days, all black may be better than ever!:)



Yes, of course, wearing all black when temperatures are blistering in LA or NYC means you’ll soak up a little more heat, but with the right fibers, fabrics and silhouettes, you needn’t worry about feeling it!
And for those not-so-seasoned colour lovers out there, there are many ways to be as bold and vibrant in this deep and intriguing tone as wearing the brightest floral in your wardrobe.
“BLACK:The most popular and the most convenient and the most elegant of all colors. And I say colors on purpose because black may be sometimes just as striking as a color. It is the most slimming of all colors and…one of the most flattering. You can wear black at any time. You can wear black at any age. you can wear black for almost any occasion. A “little black frock” is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.
I could write a book about black…” 
Christian Dior, The Little Dictionary of Fashion
And there you have it, straight from Dior himself! There really is no other colour that has the abilities of black. It is the ultimate in edge and sleekness, and with just a bit of thought, there is no reason all black can’t fit perfectly into your bold and beautiful Summer closet!


One of the most important rules to abide by is to step outside of what your normal comfort zone is. Since all black has the ability to transform any look into something chicer, making everything edgier, or pull an outfit together, you have more freedom to make bolder choices when it comes to cut and shape, as well as fabric and style details. One of our favorite unconventional lengths is mid-calf.
Yes, it can be a little tricky to get this one right, but a midi length done right is the ultimate in effortless edge.
Luckily, it’s actually pretty hard to go wrong with black, so turn any midi into a black fabric and you’ll have a new great choice!
Some of our favorite new pieces from Kali fit this look perfectly.
Anita Maxi available on ASOS
Elvira Dress Available from Lasta Shop
While a LBD is definitely a key component to any all black lover’s wardrobe, changing the length gives you more of an impact while working with less elements, allowing you to take a bit of a leap with an unconventional length, like a midi skirt or dress.
Avoid feeling the extra heat by varying lengths of each piece. Who doesn’t love a crop top and cute skirt? Pairing a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts with a crop top will add some playfulness to the all black, and keep you from feeling the extra heat that comes from wearing black.


This cropped patent leather skirt from UNIF is the perfect unique, edgy and versatile black addition to your summer wardrobe.
Crop top and draped skirt? Interesting shapes and dynamic contrast between skin showing and fabric covering!
Logan cropped top and Draped Skirt available at Lasta Shop
Another important rule to follow is to wear loose fabrics of course! The best choices come from natural or lightly woven fibers, these allow extra breathability even if the outfit or fabric is all black. Draping chiffon, relaxed jumpsuits and rompers, cottons and linens are your best bets for all black in the height of summer.
The Alexandra Jacket by Absence of Colour is a perfect black choice for summer, its draping chiffon is ideal for the heat and its versatility makes it perfect for the beach or even something formal.
Available from Lasta
Make sure to play with cutouts, asymmetry, contrasting fabrics, slits and vents, as well as oversized variations to give your all black look some relief from the heat, as well as creating a bolder and more dynamic impact.
Or go all out and be the ultimate standout in sheer lace! This mermaid maxi skirt won’t soon be forgotten!
Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.51.29 PM
Available from Dolls Kill
Birkenstocks are the ultimate in comfort and wearability, bring a new found edge to your sleek black look by wearing a pair of all black sandals with your outfit, the perfect effortlessly cool addition!


For those who think that all black means blending in or playing it safe, there are endless options that make black an exciting and versatile fabric for any occasion, and yes, any season!


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