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Most of us are familiar with the television program “The Voice”; its been airing for over 4 years in the United States and has gained popularity across the world. Four different judges select their teams and the singers compete for the chance at winning a recording contract and a monetary prize. “The Voice” has made it possible for many talented artists to gain recognition and experience, transforming their talents into full-fledged recording artists.

After much success across the world, “The Voice” has made it to Iceland!


Iceland is a place with such a concentration of unique musical talent and a strongly creative community that we’re beyond excited to see what amazing Icelandic musical abilities and sounds the show uncovers!
And here at Lasta we are extra excited, because amongst the dynamic group of judges, is our very own creative powerhouse Svala ‘Kali’ Björgvinsdóttir, the designer behind Kali Klothing, and lead singer of Steed Lord
We love the incredible visual spectacle that Kali always makes with her opulent and extravagant outfits, and we love to see the influences that music and fashion have on each other through her stunning and inspiring looks!
STEED LORD "If You Want Me" Video

STEED LORD “If You Want Me” Video

This got us thinking about the relationship between music and fashion, and how deeply linked they really are.
Music and fashion have a strong impact upon one another, two different art forms that in physicality, seem to have nothing to do with each other, but in their creation and development, are inextricably linked. Just think, you could probably name a song right now that was written specifically about fashion.
Beyond even that, there are creative individuals, other than musicians who are even unable to express their creativity without music, as direct inspiration or simply to carry them through their creative processes.
Musicians express themselves not only through their creative sounds, but through their fashion, and the persona and atmosphere that radiates from the look that they’ve created.
Kali is perhaps the most shining example of how fashion can transform music from just a sound into an entire sensory experience. When the audience connects visually and feels the tone and mood of the musician with their eyes, the auditory experience is enhanced immensely.


We all know, music is about feeling, and feeling so many, many different things.
When a musician connects their music to their look, and really makes a statement on their complex creativity, is when we’re truly blown away.


Even for those who are not being inspired to create, music still plays a huge roll in everyday life. It can influence mood and atmosphere, as well as change feelings and provoke emotions. Music is all about expression, for both the artist, and for the listener.
However, most people can’t access the feeling wild visual expressions that are a part of the ‘everyday’ life of the artist.
Many people who idolize or greatly respect and admire an artist with a distinctive look that is significant in making up their overall persona will follow in their footsteps as much as is possible. They understand and relate to the artist, and want to share in that expression.
Musicians are often the focal point of the fantasy of a particular ‘look’ or ‘style’, and have a great amount of influence and interaction within fashion as a whole.


As listeners, we often identify very strongly with our favorite musicians in one way or another, and want to express ourselves similarly, as we feel that this musical counterpart understands what we do, and wants to say something similar about themselves.
But all too often, it’s not possible for people to go about their daily life in the fantastical and extravagant and at times outrageous costumes and looks that musicians use to reinforce their presence and the tone of their persona, which is why it is all the more exciting when we gain access to designs that have been directly translated from the creative individual with whom we identify.
We are then able to integrate these pieces, which carry their own meanings, into our own wardrobe, and create an even more impactful look.
Kali in her 'Crucifix Kimono'

Kali in her ‘Crucifix Kimono’

We love to see how art and fashion and so many other amazing things influence Svala. Her blog is filled with incredible inspiration from a broad spectrum of creativity. Y0u can check out Kali on tumblr  to see for yourself!
Her visionary spirit is not only evident through her own inspiring and inventive style, but in the music of Steed Lord and the art of their performance, and most recently in the pieces she’s created to translated her wild and daring looks into pieces that allow others to integrate them into their everyday wardrobe.
Not only do we love the really standout pieces, but we love how versatile the others are, not only in function but in how you can bring your own style in, and truly make the look your own.
Kali Klothing is available her at LastaShop 
And also now on ASOS marketplace!
Don’t forget to check out her amazing creations!

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