A/W 2015 Trend Report

Now that Fashion Weeks across the world have come and gone, we’ve been exploring the latest collections on the runway and were very excited to see what new trends and style directions emerged this season. And we were even more excited to see many of these trends reflected in more than just one of our unique pieces! From artistic and vibrantly coloured prints, to vivid monotone graphics, to simple yet bold all-in-one looks, here at Lasta we have just what you need to make this seasons best trends your own!
Nothing says stand out like the striking graphics of bold black and white shapes. This season on the runway we are seeing many designers making this statement with detailed and lively prints, enhanced by the high contrast of black and white.
This classic yet daring statement has been a common theme amongst some of our favorite Kali pieces. From bold block shapes, to folksy-tribal references and edgy all-over printed all-in-one looks.
Find the Zandra dress here
Find the Fjolnir Tribal Set here
Find the Greta Bomber and Polly Shorts here
The second trend we’re seeing emerge on the runway is artistic and expressive, multicolored prints featuring prominently as part of a look. Free flowing delicate shapes resembling brush-strokes, more controlled repeat prints, and an eclectic mashup of the two as one can be seen on runways from Prada to Roberto Cavalli. We especially love how this trend has brought some of the more vibrant shades of Spring and Summer into these colder months.
The colours and shapes that make up the photographic yet painterly prints featured in Budda’s draped kimono tops. The references to icelandic nature can clearly been seen in the beautiful imagery that’s been hand painted onto each piece. From fire and to ice, the stunning aurora borealis and violent volcanic lava flows, the intensity of Icelandic nature can clearly been seen in these beautiful prints.
You can find these Budda silk ponchos here
You can usually count on a certain set of colours to emerge as ‘trendy’ each and every fall. Dark browns, warmer neutrals, deeper purples, reds and oranges are typically the go-to colours for Autumn fashion, but we love how the colours of both the Crucifix and Cocoon kimonos keep your mind with fall in their colour palate, but stand out more because the colours are more vibrant and eye-catching.
Find the Crucifix and Cocoon Kimonos here
A third trend we’ve been seeing, which has been ongoing before the start of the fall season, is a revival of the 70’s. In Spring and Summer, we were seeing hints of elements reminiscent of the 70s, but with this new runway season we see its out in full force! Designers such as Emilio Pucci, Zimmermann and Giambasita Valli are all making a nod to this era and using many references to the decade in the looks that they put down the runway.
Kali absolutely adores the 70s! and its evident in her designs. We’ve been way ahead of the curve on this one for quite a while. The festival bellbottoms are ultra 70s with their quintessential flared shape and pastel tie-dye printed pattern. The perfect way to make the most comfortable statement ever! We also love a good harem pant, and a pair made from gold lame? It almost doesn’t get more 70s than that, and we’re totally on board!
You can find the Festival Bellbottoms here
Find the liquid gold Cleopatra Harem Pants here
The fourth trend we’ve noticed this season is one that all of Iceland is certainly familiar with, and can definitely appreciate for its practicality alone, after all, that Weather is pretty intense by Fall alone! A bit of fur seems to be the preferred finishing touch for several designers this season.
Our favorite fuzzy fur fixes are from Feldur Workshop. Made by highly studied craftsmen and women, who have this particularly skill in their blood and family history, only from the finest and most durable materials. Here at Lasta we have a few cozy accessories made from beautiful nordic furs


Find these Feldur pieces here
Finally, one trend that has come up which we absolutely cannot and have never been able to get enough of. The all-in-one or jumpsuit. Unique and highly versatile in shape and structure, a jumpsuit is both a standout piece and something that can blend flawlessly in with the rest of your wardrobe. The ultimate contradiction, the jumpsuit is relaxed and functional, yet edgy and fashion forward. Everyone from Diane Von Furstenburg to Etro jumped on the jumpsuit train this season.
At Lasta a few of our favs are the sleek and chic Kali Diva jumpsuit, the silken and artistic E-Label Tie-dye jumpsuit, and the detailed yet understated Ziska Hanna jumpsuit. Each piece offers something different,  its own form and function, a print that makes a different visual statement, and varying design details for endless possibilities with styling.
You can find the E-Label Silk Tye-Dyed Jumpsuit here
Find the Diva Jumpsuit here
Ziska Hanna
The Hanna Jumpsuit is available here
We’re extra excited about this season’s new emerging styles here at Lasta, because we’re fully ready for any trend that may come our way!
All pieces mentioned are available on LastaShop.com, come visit the store and have a look!
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