Kristjana G Kristjánssonkristjana

Made in the USA to parents made in Iceland.

After graduating from the University of Florida and working a year in Finance in Washington DC, I wanted to give Iceland a try and be closer to family. I finished my masters degree in Financial Economics, but love fashion, health and spiritual wellness. I still feel like an American in Iceland and like an Icelander in the States, but both are “home.”

Katrín Olafsson


Born and raised between Reykjavik and London, Katrin has spent her life connecting with tradition and history, as well as being inspired by innovation and creation. Having grown up with strong exposure to a plethora of media, she is inspired to create and explore the relationships between photography, fashion, music and visual arts. Her passions lie within creating and exploring art based on connecting music, fashion and photography while drawing reference and inspiration from the world around her.

Juliana Gibbons



Born and raised on the island of Bermuda, Juliana has always been inspired by and in awe of the beauty of the world. Driven to pursue art and design further by this fascination, she left the isolation of Bermuda to study Fashion Design at Parsons the New School for Design in NYC. Endlessly intrigued by the potential, universal transformative qualities and creative possibilities brought forth by fashion, she seeks to explore all aspects of fashion through design, creative expression, studying history, and dreaming for what the future may bring.