Music as muse

-Fashion x Music- —- Most of us are familiar with the television program “The Voice”; its been airing for over 4 years in the United States and has gained popularity across the world. Four different judges select their teams and the singers compete for the chance at winning a recording contract and a monetary prize. “The Voice” […]

We love you, Mother Earth

In honour of our Mother Earth following Earth Day on April 22nd, Lasta explores the connection between the multifaceted beauty and visuals of Icelandic nature, and the influence and place it has within design and the collective Icelandic creative tapestry. From flowing Lava fields and rich volcanic soil, to the captivating glaciers and ice flows, […]

Reykjavik Fashion Festival – Day 1

  DAY 1 of Reykjavik Fashion Festival By Juliana Gibbons Through the frozen rain and gusting winds, we made it to the silvery stormy shores of Iceland for the 6th annual Reykjavik Fashion Festival! Our journey landed us in the epicenter of Icelandic design and artistic innovation, during Design March, an annual design event that […]

Brand Spotlight: Aurum Jewellery and Geislar

We welcome a new brand and a new range to the Lastashop site, just in time for Christmas. New Jewellery from Aurum Looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery to give to a loved one this festive season? Aurum‘s new range perfectly balances classic and edgy elements for pieces that have a broad appeal. We’ve been big fans […]

Deathflower: A Boutique Icelandic Brand

We’d like to introduce you to Deathflower, a truly boutique Icelandic brand! Deathflower is a fashion label founded by Icelandic designers Linda Ósk Gudmundsdottir & Hulda Dröfn Atladottir back in 2011. Their aim was to create a very personal world where, in their own words, “colors, materials, timelessness and cool joy rule”. The pair rented […]

Introducing: The NotKnot by Umemi

The NotKnot is the newest addition here at Lastashop. And it’s something of a departure for us – home goods as compared to our usual range of Icelandic fashion and accessories. The Notknot was developed by Umemi, a company founded by Ragnheiður Ösp, an Icelandic designer who cofounded the toy company fafu and whose work […]

Designer Spotlight: Hlin Reykdal

Hlin Reykdal might not be well known yet in LA but we’re betting she soon will be. The Reykjavik-based designer has gained a dedicated following in her homeland and more and more media attention in recent years. The Circle of Style wrote a post about her last December and there was a piece on her collaboration […]

Monochrome Is In! The New Kali Fall Collection

We just can’t get enough of the new Fall collection from Icelandic designer and Steed Lord frontwoman Kali. Encompassing menswear-inflected silhouettes, funky prints and a whole load of black and white, these items will keep you looking chic through the coming months. The Kali Zandra Dress The Kali Zandra dress takes the bold geometric prints, […]

Brand Spotlight: Hendrikka Waage Icelandic Jewelery Designer

Let’s get one thing straight: Hendrikka Waage is much more than just a jewelry designer. Every time we think about her, we get a serious “how does she do it?” feeling! Not only is she an author, activist, do-gooder and campaigner but she’s also a mother, Oxford-educated, well-traveled and blessed with a talent for designing […]

4 Icelandic Fashion Brands You Should Really Be Wearing

At Lastashop we pride ourselves on sourcing the best Icelandic fashion brands out there. The country’s fashion designers have been making waves over the last few years, with talk in the press of how they used creativity to brave the financial downturn while empowering women. And Lady Gaga even promoted here ARTPOP album in New […]

The Top Icelandic Fashion Trends

We take a quick look at some of the best Icelandic and Nordic fashion trends that we’re loving at the moment: Kimonos It’s hard to pinpoint the moment when the traditional Japanese garment crossed over to the fashion world proper but the Alexander McQueen-designed kimono from Bjork’s 1997 Homogenic album would be a our guess […]


A name to know- Eyglo. Did you get it yet? EYGLO. Say it with me now: I + GLOW. Because that’s what you do when you wear Eyglo. We’re super excited to carry Eyglo, the eponymous line by Eyglo Margret. After interning stints with Bernhard Willhelm and Jeremy Scott, the Big Boys of streetwear, Eyglo reigned in the […]