Summer Festival Fashion

-FESTIVAL FASHION- Its that time again! Summer has arrived and with the warm breezes and sunshine filled days comes one of our most favorite times of year; Festival Season!  ***** There are many, many things to love about Summer in general; the rising temperatures, nature thriving, and of course the wonderful optimism and happiness that […]

Happiness Is…

Happy, happy Iceland! Ice fields, volcanic eruptions, lava flows and whole months of the year filled with complete darkness. With all of these elements making up the the island nation that is Iceland, you wouldn’t think it’s inhabitants would be particularly happy, but Iceland consistently ranks within the top 10 of the happiest countries in […]

-Midnight Sun-

We’ve been on the edge of our seats for almost a year now waiting for the return of Secret Solstice Festival! Next week, from the 19th-21st, 72 hours of sun at Laugardalur in Reykjavik!  72 hours beneath the ever present Icelandic sunshine at Secret Solstice is truly an experience like no other. From the extensive […]

We love you, Mother Earth

In honour of our Mother Earth following Earth Day on April 22nd, Lasta explores the connection between the multifaceted beauty and visuals of Icelandic nature, and the influence and place it has within design and the collective Icelandic creative tapestry. From flowing Lava fields and rich volcanic soil, to the captivating glaciers and ice flows, […]

Reykjavik Fashion Festival- Day 2. Part 1

Opening day two of Reykjavik Fashion Festival was Another Creation, a newcomer to the Icelandic Fashion world, bringing groundbreaking innovation and a new level of progressive creativity to their inspiring and dynamic collection.  This conceptual collection, the brainchild of head designer Yr Thrastardóttir,  is a standout for more reasons than one. The most exciting of […]

Reykjavik Fashion Festival – Day 1

  DAY 1 of Reykjavik Fashion Festival By Juliana Gibbons Through the frozen rain and gusting winds, we made it to the silvery stormy shores of Iceland for the 6th annual Reykjavik Fashion Festival! Our journey landed us in the epicenter of Icelandic design and artistic innovation, during Design March, an annual design event that […]

Secret Solstice 2015! First Phase Lineup!

Have you seen the First Phase Lineup announcement for Secret Solstice Festival? It’s pretty Epic! AND THERE WILL BE MORE…..! Here is a little preview of some of the artist that LastaShop is most excited to see at  Secret Solstice 2015…. Charles Bradley is an American Funk & Soul and was the subject of the […]

Icelandic Fashion Gift Guide: Our 12 Christmas Picks

Whether it’s looking fab at the Christmas party or getting the perfect gifts for your friends and family, we’ve rounded up the top picks from our Icelandic clothing range and Icelandic homeware products. We’ve got a gift for all the twelve days of Christmas. From perfume to pillows, little black dresses to furry hats, you’ll […]

Brand Spotlight: Aurum Jewellery and Geislar

We welcome a new brand and a new range to the Lastashop site, just in time for Christmas. New Jewellery from Aurum Looking for one-of-a-kind jewellery to give to a loved one this festive season? Aurum‘s new range perfectly balances classic and edgy elements for pieces that have a broad appeal. We’ve been big fans […]

How Icelanders Celebrate Christmas

We’re not too far off Christmas now. And we thought it’d be a nice opportunity to talk about Christmas in Iceland. Lastashop is after all an Icelandic fashion brand based in LA and this time of year makes us a little bit nostalgic for our native country. The Main Differences In many ways, Christmas in […]

4 Icelandic Cookery Books for Christmas

Over a decade ago, Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer – founders of legendary Copenhagen restaurant Noma – held a symposium to come up with a new Nordic Kitchen Manifesto that set objectives for chefs across Scandinavia. Since then Nordic cuisine has gained in profile. We’ll admit it’s about as far removed from traditional LA or […]

How Iceland Does Home Decor

At Lastashop we’ve spent years curating a range of Icelandic fashion from the most exciting homegrown talent. All of this to bring a slice of our birthplace to LA and introduce people to a different kind of style. But there’s so much more to the Icelandic (and Scandi) aesthetic. Take home styling for example. When […]