How Iceland Does Home Decor

At Lastashop we’ve spent years curating a range of Icelandic fashion from the most exciting homegrown talent. All of this to bring a slice of our birthplace to LA and introduce people to a different kind of style. But there’s so much more to the Icelandic (and Scandi) aesthetic. Take home styling for example. When […]

Deathflower: A Boutique Icelandic Brand

We’d like to introduce you to Deathflower, a truly boutique Icelandic brand! Deathflower is a fashion label founded by Icelandic designers Linda Ósk Gudmundsdottir & Hulda Dröfn Atladottir back in 2011. Their aim was to create a very personal world where, in their own words, “colors, materials, timelessness and cool joy rule”. The pair rented […]

ANNOUNCING: The Lastashop Showroom

We’re open and ready to welcome you! The Lastashop showroom is now open to the public in sunny Los Angeles! We stock our shelves with the best Icelandic designers, giving them a window to the world. The majority of our brands are unavailable outside of Iceland, and we strive to grow global brand recognition for these […]


A name to know- Eyglo. Did you get it yet? EYGLO. Say it with me now: I + GLOW. Because that’s what you do when you wear Eyglo. We’re super excited to carry Eyglo, the eponymous line by Eyglo Margret. After interning stints with Bernhard Willhelm and Jeremy Scott, the Big Boys of streetwear, Eyglo reigned in the […]

Life’s Luxuries: You Are What You Eat

Great style is something that you embody. It’s a way of life, a way of doing things; a philosophy. Carrying yourself with grace and class will always be stylish, though small physical goods are an easy way to buy a piece of a stylish life. Small, deliberate choices in clothing, furniture, what you read, and even […]

Quirky Cool New Styles from Helicopter

Helicopter’s newest collection has just arrived from Iceland, and can’t wait to share! Full of bright yellows and lime greens, these pieces will shake up the rest of your wardrobe. Helicopter, one of Iceland’s most popular high-street brands, is known for its flattering and comfortable cuts. The shapes are familiar, but the look is anything […]


This past Thursday, Iceland celebrated the first day of summer (Sumardagurinn fyrsti). The day is an annual public holiday in Iceland, but it doesn’t really mean we will have good weather now. Looking back to the Old Norse calendar the Vikings divided the year into only two seasons, summer and winter. Since Lastashop’s mission is to […]

Fashionable island full of inspiration

Lastashop is proud to help Nordic designers deliver their fashion lines to the world. We carry quite a variety of clothing and accessories lines. Our Icelandic designers are filled with inspiration from Iceland – both in their style and formation of the clothes. The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, has been known to be a hipster […]


We’re proud to announce the arrival of Kali’s newest collection! From uniquely printed sweaters to form-fitting bodysuits and midriff revealing tops, a peek-a-boo-perfect amount of skin keeps it all sophisticated and fresh. KALI: fashion icon, designer, and lead singer for Icelandic Pop band Steed Lord, brings us her second collection that consists of some sporty […]