A/W 2015 Trend Report

Now that Fashion Weeks across the world have come and gone, we’ve been exploring the latest collections on the runway and were very excited to see what new trends and style directions emerged this season. And we were even more excited to see many of these trends reflected in more than just one of our […]

-Back to Black-

— Just because it’s Summer doesn’t mean that all black isn’t still a foolproof choice for the ultimate in chicness! For those of us who open our closets and don’t see much else other than black, higher temperatures and an ever-present sun don’t mean we’ll have to change our stride with the seasons! And for […]

Summer Trends. Pt.2

It may seem completely far-fetched, the idea that we can predict how people will be dressing based on more than just a change in temperature and the forces of nature. That these predictions don’t come from developments on previous trends or omnipresent themes within a past season, or that we would be able to pick […]

Summer Trends at Lasta

Trend report part 1… Mid-May and temperatures are rising! It may not *quite* be Summer just yet but we’re certainly feeling it’s fast approach. Whether you’re seeing the sunset as the warm LA Spring turns into an even warmer Summer, or watching it slowly never set in Iceland, there is no doubt that Summer will […]

Spring Hair!

By Kristjana G.Kristjánsson  I am VERY lucky when it comes to my hair. Good genes gave me healthy locks that can take on any style and look good air-dried. Only once have I cut my hair short and I vowed never to do so again – not until “I was over 30 – because older […]

Skin Detox

by Kristjana G Kristjansson  I started wearing make-up when I was 13-years old. Of course it was caked on – layer upon layer and much too dark for my complexion, making me look much older than my young age. How could I cover up my natural freckles! And WHY was I wearing make-up over my […]

The Return of the 90’s

The revival brought on by the nostalgia of the twentysomethings dominating the design world has seen the return of the platform, tattoo choker and all things grunge.     In fashion, cyclical by nature, we often see the return and renewal of the old. Designers and artists draw reference from the memories of their childhoods […]

Wardrobe Crisis? 4 Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

If you’re anything like us, picking outfits for certain occasions can be a nightmare! It’s even worse when you realize you’ve misplaced your favorite blazer, that LBD has mysteriously disappeared and those heels you loved so much just don’t seem right. You’re in need of some style help, so here are a few outfit ideas […]

The Top Icelandic Fashion Trends

We take a quick look at some of the best Icelandic and Nordic fashion trends that we’re loving at the moment: Kimonos It’s hard to pinpoint the moment when the traditional Japanese garment crossed over to the fashion world proper but the Alexander McQueen-designed kimono from Bjork’s 1997 Homogenic album would be a our guess […]

Nordic Noir-Inspired Fashion: Get the Look

The appetite for Nordic Noir seems to know no bounds. It’s difficult to remember a time before the Scandi-drama style hadn’t influenced thrillers and detective shows around the world: the slow-pace, the washed out colours, the strong female leads. The original Danish version of The Killing quickly spawned an American adaptation, The Bridge went the […]

Life’s Luxuries: You Are What You Eat

Great style is something that you embody. It’s a way of life, a way of doing things; a philosophy. Carrying yourself with grace and class will always be stylish, though small physical goods are an easy way to buy a piece of a stylish life. Small, deliberate choices in clothing, furniture, what you read, and even […]

Secret Solstice Street Style Trendspotter

Whew! We’ve finally recovered from Secret Solstice! Partying under the summer solstice “sun“ for 72 hours straight was an epic event, and not for the weak. The days were shrouded in a cool mist, perfect for all-day-all-night concert-going. And the festival fashion force was out in full effect. Our roving photographer caught snaps of the […]