Hello Helicopter!

Icelandic fashion designer Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir is the founder and creative voice behind Helicopter, a contemporary boutique High Street fashion label. The foundations of which are centered in comfort, simple and flattering silhouettes, as well as beautiful textile treatments and designs fueled by a wide range of intriguing sources of inspiration. From the unparalleled beauty […]

Reykjavik Fashion Festival- Day 2. Part 1

Opening day two of Reykjavik Fashion Festival was Another Creation, a newcomer to the Icelandic Fashion world, bringing groundbreaking innovation and a new level of progressive creativity to their inspiring and dynamic collection.  This conceptual collection, the brainchild of head designer Yr Thrastardóttir,  is a standout for more reasons than one. The most exciting of […]

Wardrobe Crisis? 4 Outfit Ideas for Any Occasion

If you’re anything like us, picking outfits for certain occasions can be a nightmare! It’s even worse when you realize you’ve misplaced your favorite blazer, that LBD has mysteriously disappeared and those heels you loved so much just don’t seem right. You’re in need of some style help, so here are a few outfit ideas […]

4 Icelandic Fashion Brands You Should Really Be Wearing

At Lastashop we pride ourselves on sourcing the best Icelandic fashion brands out there. The country’s fashion designers have been making waves over the last few years, with talk in the press of how they used creativity to brave the financial downturn while empowering women. And Lady Gaga even promoted here ARTPOP album in New […]